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Looking for group - Criminal mastermind challenge
Hey i am looking for group to do the criminal masterimind challenge inGTA online on any coming weekend. I am in CET zone . i would like to start the mastermind at 1pm i, if you are intersted
Hmmm.......... i did it so there is no point for me to do it again. And u will be fucking around with last hiest u cant take koruma so u must drive with bikes Sad
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Schedule permiting, I am willing to help. Hard to find competent crew. 

Plus 1M for doing in order, and another 1M for doing with the same crew, that I already got. Let's do it on weekends.

PS: to do it, you must do ALL HEISTS, ALL STEPS, NOBODY DIES, EVER. Which means no suicide on the bikes mission. This will take long for us.
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Sorry, i had done it twice.. i am done Smile

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I haven't done it yet, why not give it a try though. Pac Stan could be done with a helicopter.

(03-31-2017, 11:26 AM)Lenichelle Wrote: Sorry, i had done it twice.. i am done Smile

I think he's looking for people who have not done it yet, so no need to post that you did it already.
Try this: https://www.reddit.com/r/HeistTeams/ they will help you...

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