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Shinanagan ideals 4 GTA online
Grand Theft Auto Online 
I have a lot of ideals I think u might have fun with
1- have a swarm of cargo bobs carrying tanks
2- suicide bomber - put a sticky on someone, have them enter passive mode, and u have a suicide bomber that survives the bang
3- apartment massacre - invite all the players in a game to 1 apartment, have the raccoon squad waiting outside the front door, kick everyone out of the apartment, and u have a massacre
4- tow truck tug of war - have 2 or more tow trucks fighting over another players ride
5- water run survival - switch out planes for boats and jumps
6- bulldozer army - 2 options go in free mode and mess with people or have 2 teams charge at eachother
7- skydiving last team standing - start off with only a pistol and try to survive the skydive to the ground where there are guns waiting
8- cowboys vs aliens - a death match between ppl dressed like cowboys and ppl flying U.F.O.'s
9- use rocket cars and try to destroy helicopters that are airborne - like in furious 7 and die hard
10- this is probably a stupid ideal but a car porno  Tongue 
11- titan jump - land a titan without the landing gear so one wing is touching the ground and use cars to jump it
12- plane stack - see how many planes u can land on top of each other. If hydra then how many till they blow up
13- planes, trains, and carnage - players on a train vs players in hydras, planes, and helicopters
14- sky tag and ground tag - sky tag u hit each other with rockets or blow them up to tag
15- how many random cars can u destroy for a road block
16- car pong - beer pong but with trucks instead of cups and panto cars or people instead of ping pongs
17- car rocket - stack up cars with hidralics and have everyone activate their hidralics at the same time making a rocket made up of cars
18- Wall ride demo derby - it's what it sounds like, a demo derby with only wall riding meaning there is no floor
19- hydra tunnels - fly through anything and everything at all like a tunnel like under or over bridges, train tunnels, buildings, highways all of it and see who can fly through the most and see who is just a dumbass
20- last  - jump from the greatest night possible and wait as long as possible to pull your parachute and see who pulls their parachute closest to the ground and actually survives
21- Free roam kamikaze - crash planes into random players and their rides in free roam and see who kills the most players and loses the most money
22- ultimate prank war - its just what it sounds like, prank each other like there's no tomorrow and see who pulls the best prank or at least post a video of the raccoon squads best pranks
23- terrorist bombing - find a players ride, put a bomb in the closest parking spot, drive a random car on top of it and wait for the player to get in their ride and detonate the bomb
24- tank drop - drop tanks on random stuff like airborne helicopters and pantos and see what happens
25- more Neaksy - neaksy plus impossible stuff ?
26- tow truck mountain - have a bunch of players in tow trucks have teams of 2 tow trucks linked together and all go down the same part of whatever mountain your on
27-  make a neaksy montage ?

Joke - how many racoon's does it take to fuck with people?     Just one, and its named Neaksy

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