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Rock'n'Roll Racing
Grand Theft Auto V 
Rock'n'Roll Racing. Everybody remembers it.  Well, something like the pictures and video. 

It is almost too easy to reproduce those races in GTA, or are they? Well, we do have the rocket voltic, ramps, missiles...  
But we don't have oil slicks...

The whole nostalgia of the game could happen in a race locked to colorful Sandkings. Or a bit of modding over the Ruiner.
Perhaps some other way of recreating the game... the game was obvious in itself inside GTA. But the circuits were tight, like arenas.

Ideas to put in the slow burner.

[Image: rocknrollracing.png]

[Image: rrr5.jpg]

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Oh yea, i remember that i love play game called ''mirco' something i cant remember what title on playstation 1

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Yea, i just search.. it's micro machines v3!

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