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Grand Theft Auto Online 
Hey everyone, it's nice to meet you all, i'm from Argentina and i'm new to this amazing community, i have been watching and following GTAmissions's videos since he played GTA IV (I still remember the demo derby and the BUSTED videos lol) and well now i have been watching his latest GTA V videos and they always put a smile on my face. So, today i have finally decided to join the Raccoon Squad, because why not!

Anyways, i hope to play with you guys someday! I own GTA V and i play in PS4 for the moment and i also have TS3, don't have a mic though, but there's a chance i might switch to PC sooner or later.

See you guys around!
Welcome to forums

I will set up the topic of PS4 event tomorrow for on this sunday.. Every sundays!

April 16th will be PS4's first car show also it'll be great to join teamspeak 3 to listen what they says..

Hope to see you around in events Wink
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Welcome to NGG. enjoy your stay....

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