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Event Finished: PC Event | Cards Against Humanity | Sun. 05/07/17
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Game: Cards Against Humanity 
Platform: PC
Date: Sunday, May 7, 2017
Time: 12:00 AST
Time Conversion Link: Click Here
Schedule: Create some rounds with wacky answers and blank cards. If you have a card pack, just post it here. Thanks.

Sign up with your Name that you wil use on the game day:
01. suvdrift - ssuvuduh
02. RamtinBaharloo
03. Kepler
04. DjChatters
05. rm7gaming 
06. Thunder0010
07. DaFu_Josh
08. LipFi333 (Maybe)
09. bend3r0ivv
10. BrapsMcswagger
11. ericgta4678 (Maybe)

1- This game tends to consume a LOT of time. More people means more gameplay.
2- The requirement of Team Speak must be required. The game without voices it's too much monotone. 
3- This game can be played by Rounds of 10 players, so if you can't play on the first round, you can enter on the second round or play with the other people on another channel of Team Speak. 
4- Instructions to play the game and winning limit will be discussed before starting the game.

Hope to see you there

Go to https://www.cardcastgame.com/browse and get your Cardcast cards from there to play with custom made cards, last time we played with quotes from GTAV characters and the white cards were hilarious. Edit your post and add them there, or in the event day post them on TeamSpeak. 

1) Don't be a massive douchebag. No one likes douchebags.
2) First one asking to be the crook in busteds gets kicked.

3) Listen to the host. Pleeeeease. 
4) Please join the TeamSpeak server, crucial information will be given there.
Im in

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I will probably be there... sounds fun!

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Thunder0010 in but may be late not sure how  long work will be
LipFi333 meybe
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Oh  no im missing this event. Sorry for motions guys.  ?
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Count me in!
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