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Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or none
(07-27-2017, 08:12 AM)Ghost Wrote:
(07-26-2017, 08:38 PM)Lionek Wrote: neaksy lies

I don't get it on his YouTube channel there's a picture of a boy but here there's a picture of a girl and his/her thing says Frenchman. I'm confused.

If he's a boy then can he say
If she's a girl can she say
(07-29-2017, 11:23 AM)Ghost Wrote: Is neaksy a man or a woman 

Or is he a man or a muppet
If he is a man then he's a muppet of a man.

Are you...stupid? Can't you hear that I'm a dude in my videos? Can't you read that it says male in my profile? Or "Frenchman" in my custom title?! What the fuck
[Image: YuQECyJ.gif]
Well I'm sorry neaksy.

I'm just very confused.

I like physics I'm that confused
Ghost over and out!

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