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Hello there peoples. Today Rockstar introduced a 5th business venture into the game. The purpose of this thread is to help compile all the information regarding said business.
Doing this will help determine the profitable of said business and there are any "tricks" to it (i.e. 10/10/12).

I will be working on spreedsheat here:

And I will be updating this thread when I can. 
Let the learning begin!

  • Price of Hanger is only based on location, and not production

  • There is room for 50 Crates in a Hanger

  • There are 8 items to source (Animal Materials, Art & Antiques, Chemicals, Counterfeit Goods, Jewelry & Gemstones, Medical Supplies, Narcotics, Tobacco & Alcohol)

  • You get to choose what items you want to source/steal

  • There is no cost to source an item

  • You source 1 item per person

  • There is a 4 minute cool down, per crate, before you can source the same item again.

  • There is a chance for a bonus to be applied to the sales prices of the stock. We still do not have concrete proof as to what causes this. This needs to be thoroughly tested. 

  • Using the Sell All Cargo options removes the bonus (confirmed for mixed stock)

  • Crates can be dropped off to the hanger by hovering over the roof and pressing "Right" on the D-Pad (confirmed for Xbox)

Stock Type Bonuses:
Tobacco & Alcohol, Counterfeit Goods:
--Increase 5% every 5 units, totaling 50% increase at 50 crates ($750K)
Animal Materials, Art & Antiques, Jewelry & Gemstones:
--Increase 12% every 10 units, totaling 60% increase at 50 crates ($800K)
Chemicals, Medical Supplies, Narcotics:
--Increases 35% ever 25 units, totaling 70% increase at 50 crates ($850K)

Full Breakdown of Crate Profits (Big Image):
[Image: 21167691_740923889428023_623825548880349...e=5A20DFC6]

Crate Sales Amount vs Vehicle Amount:

Most Sales:
1-10 crates = 1 vehicle
11-25 crates = 2 vehicles
26-50 crates = 3 vehicles
Havok sale mission:
1-10 crates = 3 vehicles
11-25 crates = 6 vehicles
26-50 crates = 8 vehicles
Bombushka sale mission:
11-50 crates = 1 vehicle
Skylift sale mission:
1-10 crates = 1 vehicle
11-50 crates = 2 vehicles
Ultralight sale mission:
1-10 crates = 2 vehicles
11-25 crates = 3 vehicles
-Courtesy of Fun 2

Vehicle Discount Requirements:
[Image: 21150306_740919046095174_792787904307278...e=5A2B9136]

Note: im not written its someone from the forum, i thought i would share it with you guys Smile


Image from CaliMeatWagon via FoxySnaps:
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