Full Version: Gamemode Specific Rules
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Before gamemodes start, read the job's description and listen to the staff/event hosts explaining the rules.
If you do not like a specific gamemode and do not want to play it, feel free to not join/leave the lobby.
These rules may be modified if the event host wishes to adapt them.

Deathmatch and other game modes that involve shooting
•   No clothing items that block bullets unless otherwise stated. This includes, but is not limited to the bullet proof helmet, bike helmets and the bandana glitch.

Game modes where roles have to be assigned (e.g busted, stunts, kamikaze run etc.)
•   Do not ask to be assigned to a certain role (admins, moderators and current event hosts are excluded by this rule).

•   Do not throw explosives until an admin or the event host says you can.
•   If there are no cop cars on the map, use the explosive to suicide - you will respawn in a cop car. Be careful not to blow up anyone else.
•   Line up at the start as instructed, do not do anything else unless otherwise stated.

Demolition Derby
•   Don't start until the host says you can.
•   If you get knocked of the platform, leave your vehicle so you die when you hit the ground.

General racing
•   Do not ram people on purpose, unless otherwise stated. Try to race your own race without hindering other people.
•   If it’s a GTA race (with weapons) the use of your personal weapons is not allowed unless otherwise stated. Track pickup weapons are permitted unless stated otherwise.

Clean racing
•   Same rules apply as for general racing.
•   If you spin someone out or overtake them in a dirty way, let that person pass you.
•   If you miss a checkpoint, respawn or if you’re off track, be careful and make sure the road is clear when you’re getting back on.
•   If someone is lapping you, move out of their way. They have the right to pass you.
•   If someone should wait for you, tell them that normally without screaming. You have the right be frustrated, but try to keep your anger to a minimum.
•   Expect people to follow racing lines.
•   Watch this video for more information: