Full Version: New gamemode "Knock Knock"
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What is Knock Knock?

Very important: Listen to host! Host will choose who is the bomber and bus driver.
Team 1: Everyone players gets on bus and wait for bomber's signal if he's ready. Then bus driver decides where to go. Must survive from the mines, if survived, get off the bus and take a weaponized vehicles and kill everyone Team 2.

Team 2: Everyone players have to wait, of course. The bomber takes bike and mines. Then go to  red buoy and the mine place it on left or right side, but NOT BOTH!!! Here are three attempts. Type in chat, if you're ready. Then bus driver starts to survive the mines. If they dies, Team 2 wins.

Door stuck - explode

PS. Im sorry for my fucking bad english, feel free if u can edit it and fix my english, thanks.
sounds interesting Dodgy
Ohh yess! That show was fun as hell, looks like a cool idea. It gave me ideas of my own.
That would be good! hope it must be fun