Full Version: Community Rules and Guidelines (updated May 26, 2018)
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To keep events as fun and high quality as possible, we have set up simple but necessary rules all members must follow at all times. Members can report rule-breakers to the staff, proof will however be required. We reserve the right to punish people we deem have an unacceptable behaviour.

You may only dispute your sanctions if they are warnings on the forums, permanent bans, or server groups like Muted on the TS server. We also reserve the right to change those rules at any time, with or without prior warning. Changes will be documented in the changelog below.

Last Updated: May 26, 2018

Changelog Wrote:November 30, 2017 — Reworked rules. Some rules have been rephrased, shortened and/or recategorized.
December 20, 2017 —  Edited rule D1 to fit the removal of Verified Speaker
January 05, 2018 — Added rule C9 due to recent happenings.
May 26, 2018 — Added rule C10 due to recent happenings.

Breaking any of the following rules can result in any combination of the following punishments, depending on the severity:
  • 01. Temporary or permanent ban
  • 02. Demote
  • 03. Mute on TeamSpeak
  • 04. Kick from TeamSpeak and in-game
  • 05. Warning on the forums

A. General rules
  • A01. Do not blatantly disrespect and harass any member. If you don't like someone, ignore them or sort it out between yourselves in private, not here.
  • A02. Heated discussion is tolerated, as long as you keep insults out.
  • A03. Do not advertise for any YouTube channel, crew, community or other external sites we are not affiliated to, unless given permission. There are a few threads on the forums dedicated to your own creations already, use them instead.
  • A04. Do not use another account on the forums or the TeamSpeak server when you're banned. Doing so will increase your ban length.
  • A05. Do not impersonate any staff members or other users to obtain powers.
  • A06. Do not use cheats or harmful mods when playing with our members to gain advantage over them.

B. Forum Rules
  • B01. Do not double post or post redundant topics. If you believe you're not done yet, just edit your first post instead.
  • B02. Do not post links, promote or discuss about copyrighted material such as game torrents, cracks, warez or pirated content. Do not post any sort of pornography/gore content.
  • B03. Do not post something that does not contribute to the thread.
  • B04. Search for similar threads before posting a new one. You can use the Search function to make it easier. Also, make sure you post in the correct category.
  • B05. Please do not make a signature that is over 200 pixels tall. That should be around 5 lines of text. Signatures exceeding or bypassing that limit will be deleted.
  • B06. Do not spam or flood the shoutbox. If you have a lot to say try to say it all in one message, instead of posting numerous short messages.
Note: We reserve the right to remove anything that we deem is redundant and/or doesn't belong in our forums.

C. Event Rules
  • C01. Unless stated otherwise, you must join our TeamSpeak server, as the host will be giving crucial instructions there. IP is
  • C02. Do not sign up if you have no intention of showing up. If you believe you will be late, or might not be able to join the event, you must say so in your post.
  • C03. You must listen to the host and/or co-hosts and staff (admins, moderators). You have to let them speak when they have to.
  • C04. Trolling must be kept to a minimum.
  • C05. Unless stated otherwise on the event topic, no one is allowed to have mods, hacks or trainers during events. If needed, admins will assign carefully chosen members to use mods.
  • C06. Do not have an overly negative attitude. This includes complaining about stuff constantly.
  • C07. These rules also apply.
  • C08. Event hosts must use the event template for their event topics.
  • C09. Do not be under the influence of drugs (alcohol...) while participating in an event.
  • C10. No one is allowed to use soundboards or anything similar during the event.

D. Unofficial Event Host Requirements
  • D01. Event host must have the Regular rank on our TeamSpeak server.
  • D02. Event host must ask an admin for a permission to host an event.
  • D03. All unofficial events must be posted in Unofficial Events subforum.
  • D04. Event rules, rule E2 and rule E4 also apply.
It is preferred that these events do not happen when official events take place.

E. Event Host Rules
  • E01. Only members who have the Event Host group can officially schedule and organize events on our forums.
  • E02. Do not exclude members from your events, unless given permission from the staff.
  • E03. Two events can not happen simultaneously and on the same platform: two events need to be spaced of at least thirty minutes if on the same platform.
  • E04. Hosts are required to be on our TeamSpeak server and communicate vocally at all times.
Note: Event Hosts can also set up their own rules in their event threads. Thus, when signing up for an event, you agree on the rules above but also the host's, meaning that you can also be punished by the staff for not following those rules.

F. TeamSpeak Rules
  • F01. Do not harass nor disrespect other people. If you don't like someone, just mute them. You should not mute event hosts, moderators or administrators though.
  • F02. Do not spam, flood, or abuse of your microphone. Soundboards can only be used in private channels if their owners allow it or with permission from an admin.
  • F03. Do not use any sort of exploits. You may report glitches or bugs to administrators. We have logs that can easily prove if you exploited these.
  • F04. Do not talk over other people, especially hosts and administrators. You have to let them talk first. Use common sense and only talk when it's relevant or useful.

We would like to remind you that this community is run by our own free will, that the community wouldn't exist without us and that we aren't legally or morally obliged to keep running it. To ensure that the quality of our events and the behavior of our members remains decent, rules have to be put in place and followed by everyone. If certain rules are added or enforced, this is because we, the administration, deem that a portion of our members abuse or behave in a negative way and therefore ruin the ambiance of the community.
Edited rule D1 to fit the removal of Verified Speaker
Added rule C9 due to recent happenings.
added rule c10 pertaining to soundboard usage yo.