Full Version: Multiple Ideas ?
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1. Smokey and the Bandit - Semi Tractor Trailers vs Police Cars, Demolishon Derby Style.

2. Upside down plane race - Have a race with your planes upside down. If a player goes right side up in any way he/she is disqualified. Some angle turns are okay.

3. The Alamo - Somehow find a suitable fortified building or area and fight police/military off for as long as possible using only Muskets and Marksman Pistols.

4. Tanks vs Fighter Jets vs Buzzard Choppers

5. Quagmire - In a large building, All players have to survive and run away from a single player chasing them. No guns. Only one with a weapon is Quagmire which is a set of Brass Knuckles. If he kills you, you're out. No way of escape as a large truck or bus will be blocking the exit. Last person alive wins. *Unlimited Health on the Quagmire if possible*
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