Full Version: Spy Party-like game mode
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So for a little while now I've had this idea for a Spy Party like game mode for event silliness. I don't know if it's even possible without a derpy amount of mods which I wouldn't even know the first thing about implementing (Other than you put the appropriate files in folders in the game's resources, at least as far as I know with having played Minecraft with mods) I suppose it could be similar to the Murder game mode in Garry's Mod, but I was thinking that you'd have maybe a few snipers in one remote area & then civilian players in the party with the spy, an obvious thing for the spy to have to do is kill a specific civilian player unnoticed & get out without getting pummeled to death by civilian players or the snipers. (Maybe there's a bouncer who's armed? But they're not allowed to leave a specific spot?) I suppose there's other stuff that the spy should try to do & maybe have another player that they collude with but doesn't know who they are. I dunno if this is something that can be done but if it's possible I might try to bang my head against making it as a mode.

Also if anyone has Spy Party & wants to play with me can set that up I suppose.
Not bad idea,  but hard realised , should play with people  you're  really can  trust only.
I can see your idea working but here is what i think of this : Your idea will need someone to make a map and let them tell EVERY SINGLE person what to do , Where to go. (Be like AI) Which will take ages..
Then decied who is the Spy and tell them to kill ''this'' guy. The Spy will have NO IDEA on who is armed , With that weapons , Where are the snipers are ect.. If the spy killes the worng guy , The name of the spy will be known for every one to hunt and kill , If the spy killes the right person he will need to fuck off as fast as he can without getting caught/killed. HiTMAN style ;D
It will be hard to do but it will be fun if done right. And as Valy said this will be needed to be done with ''Trusted people''

My idea is someone will be choosen to be the murderer and only they will know it. (And whoever choose them) The other bystanders will need to think who is the murderer and try to kill him , The murderer will have 5 mins to kill everyone , After 5 mins 2-4 bystanders will get weapons to hunt the murderer.
If the murderer killes a bystander they WILL NOT SHOUT THE MURDERER NAME! 
If after 5 mins (With the given weapon) a bystander will kill anthoer bystander they will need to go ''AFK'' for 10 secs.