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How to Sign Up for an Event

All you have to do is to write a new post (by clicking New Reply, or use Quick Reply) and type your username on that platform you are signing up for, and nothing more. That means, don't quote the original post and add your name on it. That makes you look stupid, and if you saw earlier posts, you'd know it is not the right thing to do. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions thread if you have more questions.

Event Rules As written in the Community Rules, Guidelines & Templates.

  • 1. Unless stated otherwise, you must join our TeamSpeak server, as the host will be giving crucial instructions there. IP is
  • 2. Do not sign up if you have no intention of showing up. If you believe you will be late, or might not be able to join the event, you must say so in your post.
  • 3. You must listen to the host and/or co-hosts and staff (admins, moderators). You have to let them speak when they have to.
  • 5. Trolling must be kept to a minimum.
  • 6. Unless stated otherwise on the event topic, no one is allowed to have mods, hacks or trainers during events.
  • 7. Do not have an overly negative attitude. This includes complaining about stuff constantly.
  • 8. These rules also apply.
  • 9. Do not be under the influence of drugs (alcohol...) while participating in an event.

Unofficial Event Host Rules As written in the Community Rules, Guidelines & Templates.

  • 1. Event host must have a Regular rank on our TeamSpeak server (don’t ask for it, it’ll be given if earned).
  • 2. Event host must ask an admin for a permission to host an event.
  • 3. All unofficial events must be posted in Unofficial Events subforum.
  • 4. Event rules, rule E2 and rule E4 also apply.
  • 5. It is preferred that these events do not happen when official events take place.

Unofficial Events
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