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Events generated from a CREW SESSION.
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It would be much easier to control who goes in each event if there is a CREW SESSION just prior to the event, instead of one INVITE ONLY SESSION. Invites FAIL a lot through Rockstar Social Club, while being in the same session ensures one extra form of invitation for each event.
The creator of the crew session could be actually anyone in the crew, which makes this task much easier. Rockstar gave us a poor tool, but we can make more of it.

Another problem is that legitimate event members cant join if the event was created inside an invite-only session, and the RSC invite failed to come through.

I happen to play the game across the planet, with a Mac Donald's Wifi quality connection, and lost more than one event due to not being able to login quickly enough through the RSC invite.

The crew session with the 4-crew option enables up to 4 different crews to login, since we have GTAM and GTAM-2, and the eventual person that does not want to change the active crew.

(If you wanna take part in the event, make sure you have the GTAM active crew so you can join the crew session, or you are a moderator/leader and will get an invite anyway.)
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I suggested that a while ago. Totally agree. I'll add that, from a host's standpoint, it has great benefits as well. If everybody is required to be on the same crew, whenever there is a trouble maker in the session, the crew commissioners or leader can kick the person off the crew, and if it is their active crew, they will be kicked off the session or job, without having to make half the lobby votekick a person; also that allows hosts and staff to kick as many players as they can, as there is a 5-minute timeout when votekicking.

A crew session would release the burden of having to invite everybody to one session. Hosts would just tell people to join their free mode. I suppose that would require the crews to become private instead of public, so people who didn't sign up (or aren't NGG members) can't join.
This might actually be a good idea, I've given thought to it before as well. I'll make sure to discuss it.
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