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Official: Results of 2017 NGG Survey - Feedback
Here's the feedback part of the 2017 Survey!

 - - -

1. We should be able to earn TS3 icons during events / I want more icons! (2)
If we had more icons that had to be earned, our TeamSpeak server would become even more cluttered.
At the moment we have plenty of icons, feel free to ask Stinger or me for an icon though, and as long as it’s relevant to you (in a recognizable way), we’ll give it to you. 

2. Demote xyz (4)
Look, there is no perfect community. We can’t go around demoting people willy-nilly (although some people magically get a badge somehow..). If you wish to share your concerns about a certain (staff) member, feel free to contact one of the admins.

3. Make me a moderator, I’ve been here for years!
It doesn’t work like that, we give staff ranks to those who we deem would be a good addition to the staff team. Of course, sometimes accidents happen, but we can’t undo the changes easily because “we’ll break their heart” -Unknown

4. Why is xyz still not banned??
Because we haven’t had a good reason for a ban, although your wish might become reality for only $59.99.

5. Remove push to talk! (3)
Not at the moment, we’re still balancing it. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll disable it. 

6. Push to talk doesn’t work well enough (can be bypassed).
Can’t fix that.

7. Implement verified speaker with push to talk / limit amount of talking people on ts! (2)
Verified speaker already has push to talk disabled, we just gotta give it to people who actually deserve it. You can apply for it here.

8. Remove PS4 events section on the forums! (2)
Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming soon, so we’ll use it then. Feltzer will host some GTA Online events on PS4 as well.

9. Stricter enforcement of rules. (2)
No mercy from now on.

10. More (status based) ranks. (2)
Ranks shouldn’t be too much of a status symbol. We have just the right amount of ranks as of right now.

11. GTA IV events?
BJ wants to do this soon, Maurice; get on that.

12. More stunts with fewer people.
Stunts with more people look cooler in videos, although for harder stunts people are carefully chosen.

13. Create 5 permanent channels that when you enter one of them, you automatically become the channel owner & when you leave the channel it all gets wiped. (2)
Temporary channels do the job well enough already, don’t be lazy. Also, at the moment it is not possible to implement this feature.

14. Properly maintain highlights video section on forum (2)
Fixed. The sidebar now automatically shows the latest video uploaded to the NGG channel.

15. Donation page?
BJ is “working” on this.

16. New ideas for events!
Make new gamemodes for us to play!

17. Stop people from modding!
When Rockstar gives us tools to see who exactly is modding, we’ll do that, but until then, guessing is the best we can do.

18. TS3 icons should be earned, not randomly given!
We try not to give icons randomly, but it happens occasionally. 

19. Kepler’s channel still exists even though he’s not a moderator anymore!
Kepler donated in the days when that was still possible, plus ex-long-time staff members can keep their channel while they’re still active.

20. Temp channels should be above staff channels.
No. Get a mouse with a scroll wheel.

21. More videos on NGG made by members!
Send your edited videos to BJ (GTAmissions) on the forums! If you don’t feel like editing, sent short clips only (~1 min max).

22. New banner, new theme, make it look more professional!
We’re currently evaluating options to improve the look of the forums (this includes a new banner). Some small improvements have been made already. Suggestions welcome (PM Stinger or me).

23. Can I…
Probably not.

24. Can you...
Definitely not.


25. Following considerate opinion.

26. More boobs!
Your turn, Rosa.

27. Bring back Daikenki as TeamSpeak mod!
I’ll make him a mod again if he posts original memes on the forums daily.

28. Maybe permamute thunder?
Good idea, done!

29. Stinger should make more videos!
He’s busy with some dumb stuff called uni.

30. HQ should start talking!
*incomprehensible mumble*

31. No country, or personality or body language may be disclosed.

32. Staff changes.
Thanks for being specific.

33. I want the staff members to keep up the good work!
What good work?

34. It Should stay as it is, never change a winning team :D
Ok, nothing will ever change again.

 - - -

I wanted to release full feedback, but I was told I probably shouldn't cause it’d trigger some members  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That’s everything for this thread. Sorry it took this long to post the results, life got in the way.
Survey results are coming this weekend, hopefully early saturday.

Edit: Survey and Stats are out!
I made a petiton for Daikenki please sign everybody.

[Image: zj9QWch.gif]
Haven't met this xyz guy but he's clearly pissing a lot of people off
(02-09-2018, 02:20 PM)Neaksy Wrote: Haven't met this xyz guy but he's clearly pissing a lot of people off

I have he is friends with ABC oh and Ghost because he pissed loads of people off dont know who he is. (For all i know i could be related to Ghost) Can I Have a title of Destroyer of the French

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