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Poll: 2 events in 1 week
This poll is closed.
Hell yeah
4 57.14%
1 14.29%
Fuck no
2 28.57%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Why don't we do 2 events?
Grand Theft Auto Online 
This i a request of tharidu-vanparys.
I just want to do more events and i wanted to know if we can do more than 1 event like 1 on wednesday and 1 on saturday because i like the events and i want to do more. I hope i can get something out of this question (maybe 2 events in 1 week) but see y'all in the next disscussion
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because we can but at 30 min each but its very tiring.
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You should've been here 2 years ago. We used to have 2 events every weekend, sometimes 3. The reason there are not many events anymore is because the game is old and not that interesting anymore. Most of the community members are tired of it. Which is understandable considering most of us have played the game since the release, which was almost 5 years ago.
2 events, do you mean 2 GTA events or just two events in general.

We sometimes do have 2 gta events a week, one on friday and one on saturday.
Every wednesday DjChatters hosts first play wednesdays where we try out different games, and nearly every saturday we have a gta event. Which means we have 2 events every week sometimes 3.
But like what HQHD said, this game has been out for over 4 years and it does kinda get boring. I dont think it is really necessary to have more gta events as we will run out of things to do and people are already getting bored of it, hence the low amount of sign ups we now get for events. look at previous events early on, 50-60 sign ups for each event...
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We don't do them on Wednesdays because not a lot of people are around at that time. GTAHQHD is right too, 1 event is fine, more would make us all bored of it. I wouldn't mind seeing two events per week if they weren't the same game, like having GTA IV events more often would be fun.

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