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Oppsressor Nerfed and Checkpoint hitboxes ruined.
As of the latest update with hotring races, many of you may have noticed a couple of things in the game have been changed for the worse thanks to RockStar.

1. The Oppressor has been nerfed in two major ways. One of them is the Bike's top speed while in flight. It's top speed when using the rocket in the air has been reduced by 20 mph. You can no longer glide as fast as you use to. The second is you can no longer use the bike glitch. The Oppressor's leaning abilities have been limited. You can no longer lean back far enough to do the bike glitch. which really sucks in Transformation races and the like.

2. Checkpoint hitboxes have been glitched. somehow Rockstar has managed to ruin checkpoints by trying to adjust their hitboxes to be more realistic. This however has led to some checkpoints being badly glitched and not registering a vehicle as it passes by. This is due to the checkpoint's hitbox glitching to only register a vehicle as it goes through a certain way and not just when it goes through it (like clipping the edge of the check point to have a faster racing line). Plane Checkpoints in Transformation and air races have suffered the worst of this as you are forced to fly right through the center of them to work. Especially the ones that force you you have your plane in a certain position to be registered or you get a slowdown. The other regular Checkpoints have also been glitched. In some hotring, stunt, circuit, and transformation races some checkpoints are not registering a vehicles as it passes through. La Mesa and Downtown hotring races, 90* transformation, and stunt races Spinner, Gauntlet, and In the City  have suffered the worst of this.
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