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Don't get rabies! Hide & Seek - Raccoons vs Neon suits (new game mode idea)
Grand Theft Auto Online 
Hey guys Big Grin

I was thinking of a new gamemode and I want to share it. if you guys have any idea's to improve it and what weapons to choose i would like to hear it!

Name: Don't get rabies! Hide & Seek
Description: Hide and Seek: Team Raccoon vs Team Neon, someone gets chosen to be the Raccoon and has to hunt down Team Neon. When someone dies on Team Neon (Doesn’t matter how,) they get rabies and must join the other team by changing their outfit to Raccoon!

Location: Up in the north at the police station (where we did hide and seek in the past)
-         Turn off Radar & Names (same settings as hide and seek)
-         Time of day – Night/dark (or Thunder/raining)
-         Free for all (this is a requirement for the gamemode to work)

Rules: General
-         Have a Raccoon outfit and a neon outfit saved, If you don’t have the correct outfit then you cannot join this gamemode (Neon outfit costs 100k & mask costs 25k)
-         Vehicles are NOT allowed to use
-         Not following the rules that are written here will lead to a ban, you need to follow the rules to make this gamemode work.

Rules: Team Raccoon
-         Don’t ask to be chosen as the first raccoon. The host will decide who goes first
-         Don’t change your outfit!
-         Team Raccoon has unlimited lives
-         Only use the weapons you are allowed to.
-         Don’t kill eachother on purpose, you have to shoot the shiny things! Not furry things        

Rules: Team Neon
-         When a member of Team Neon dies you must join Team Raccoon! I don’t care if you drown, get hit by a car or if a member of your own team kills you! This rule must be followed at all times! (not following this rule will get you a ban)
-         Team Neon only has 1 life, So don’t kill your Team members on purpose!
-         Camping is allowed.
-         Don’t change outfits if you didn’t die!
-     Only use fist.
Weapons (need some help to select the weapons for this gamemode to make it balanced)
-         Team Neon: Fist 
-         Team Raccoon: Musket

Thanks for reading and i hope we can play this soon
Sounds boring
               Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
   WHO DID DIS ???
       Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
I really like the idea, but it seems like there are too many rules for the average NGG member to be able to comprehend
[Image: lFoyq9D.png]
Map has been made, it just needs to be tested!

I have also added some vehicles in case the raccoon team has to much issues to find others.

- Airport tug
- Firetruck
- Caracara
- Buzzard attack helicopter
- tank
sounds fun

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