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More other games events
I think NGG should do a lot more of events for other games. there isnt a lot of them, they are just sometimes hosted and that is once a month at least
Care to suggest a game? Adding this and saying "play more games" doesn't help.
There should be more events for gta 4 and Multi Theft Auto(MTA) i also think there should be events for Dirt 3 There were events for Dirt 3 as well in the past. There could be also event for other games if NGG members have those games
The one problem with doing a game similar to Dirt 3 is the number of people who actually own that game and who would be willing to play those sort of games. Most games these days support around only 4-6 players in multiplayer and already people who have the game play together, like Project Cars 2. And unfortunately, not everyone has money to spend on games which they may not even like just so that they can join in. I think it would be great if there was another game that everyone could play together, we do occasionally have a GTA iv event where around 10 people do join in for. Feel free to add any suggestions for other games so that they can be looked into. 
By all means, there is the unofficial events section which you can take a look at, make sure that you read the rules first to see if you are eligible to host an event or ask someone else.
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