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Hello fellow comrades
Grand Theft Auto Online 
I watched all the car shows and i was in love :3
Later on watching all the other latest videos i was upsessed about you GTAM !
If you whanna add me on SC: BuKenZiii so i hopefully join the crew
Im 17 y/o i come from B&H and hopefully we can all talk and have a awesome time Big Grin
Much love to ya'll! Heart
Welcome to NGG..
Welcome to NGG Big Grin
Intel Core i7 6700HQ / Nvidia Geforce GTX970M 6Gb 

16Gb RAM DDR4 @ 2144Mhz / SSD 240 Gb / HDD 1TB
Welcome to hell on internet comrad
Why having fun with a prostitute is like a bungee jumping?
You're dead, if the rubber breaks.

Steam: Ken Block
Social Club: Ken_BlockTR/AzerianCunt

Sorry liberal, Time to die.
hello everyone, hope to play with yall soon

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