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Official: Staff Rules & Guidelines (Updated May 13, 2018)
We've decided to make the staff rules publicly visible by everyone. We hope this will increase transparancy in our community while decreasing the oppurtunity for power abuse by staff. Besides that it gives possible moderator applicants the needed information to know what they're getting themselves into.

  • Know the rules and where they are located.
  • Act in a professional and responsible manner.
  • Act maturely when needed.
  • Be welcoming to new people.
  • Actively manage the forums (no minimum frequency, once a day is good).
  • Keep order in TS3.
  • Muting / freezing / kicking someone is favored over banning them, however, if their purpose is to troll / spam, ban can be favorable.
  • Give people warnings before you punish them: tell them what they’re doing wrong before you act. Doesn’t apply for extreme cases like earrape, constant spam, etc.
  • Do not undo other staff’s actions without their permission; if you don’t know who did a certain thing, check the staff log or ask in the staff chat first. * **
  • If you’re hosting an event, stick to the default event thread templates. https://nextgengta.com/showthread.php?tid=1266
  • Do not abuse your power.
  • Be a good example for other members and don’t break rules yourself.
  • If a member personally annoys you, you do not have the right to bully them or punish them. You are expected to enforce rules, not punish members for personal reasons. We’re trying to keep members / grow, not lose them.
  • Event Hosts are only allowed to mute people only during their events or if no staff member is online.
  • If you are trying to pinpoint who did what (modding, trolling, making sounds in ts3, etc.), don’t do in in front of everyone in TS3, they’ll stop doing whatever they’re doing as soon as they hear we’re suspicious of them…
If you’re inactive for prolonged periods / don’t fulfill our expectations / break the rules, we reserve the right to demote you.

* With good reasons administrators may change or undo a moderator’s action. This should rarely happen.
** If you want to play with / talk to to a person who’s been muted you can, if there are no objections, unmute said person temporarily.

Verified Speaker

Verified Speaker applications are handled with a voting system on our Discord server. If someone applies their username will be posted in the Staff Chat. You can vote with reactions (on mobile, hold the message and click reaction):

[Image: YlnNTNT.png]

You can use :white_check_mark: to vote yes or :x: to vote no. Only vote once per member.

4 out 6 votes for yes will approve the request, although this might be subject to change.
Please vote objectively.

First Post Approval

If this is activated (you will be notified) we’ve recently been having issues with spammers on the forums. When enabled the first post of every new account has to be approved before it, and the future posts, are visible to everyone.

To approve someone's post you have to click the checkbox on the right of the post, then scroll down to "inline moderation", then select "approve post" and then click "Go".

To easily see if there are any posts to be approved go to the "Mod CP". It will show the posts/threads to be approved on the top of the page. There should also be an indicator (a number in between parentheses)  next to the title of the sub-forum or thread if there are any posts that need to be approved within said forum/thread.

We're aware that implementing this will result in more work for staff, so please check forum regularly for new posts to be approved.
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