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Kit car
Hey over the summer I have around £3000 and I am thinking about making a kit car, the two I am looking at are the MEV Exocet and the Ford zero by GBSC. Which one should I choose, and I won't be able to do it every day so I am aiming to finish by next summer.
Whichever you pick, double your budget. Projects like this always require more money to throw at than you expect.
As Randoom said; double your budget, speaking from experience anything that is labelled as a kit always needs more adapting and everything labelled as bolt on never actually bolts on. You will need a lot of tooling for this sort of thing and obviously donor cars; an MX-5 as you won't be able to find a nice longitudinal Zetec within your budget since everyone wants them. However finding a good donor MX-5 will be difficult also since everyone has caught onto them in the past few years so finding ones that aren't absolute rotboxes is difficult with a small budget.
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Thanks for the advice, a couple of my farm friends said that I could have a barn over the summer so I will have a place to work. This is actually the most useful piece of information I have got of this site. (does this mean you don't think i'm as much of an idiot and i'm actually nicer than you thought.)

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