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The Lord Intro has arrived
Username: Lordfilipe69 (on ps4 i have that account with the same username and another account which i will use until i buy gta 5 for ps4 SESDanny)
Age: 19
Location: Portugal (currently living in France)
Hobbies: playing game on pc mostly cs go, play games on ps4 fifa 18 wwe 2k18 and nfs payback
Interests: interests? weel certainly i am interested in women ahah basically i just sit my ass playing games and eat ahah
Bio: Hello my name is Daniel but i'm more known as Filipe or Lord Filipe, i'm 19 years old and i'm a huge fan of your channel Smile everyday i go watch your videos and i laugh so hard ahah pretty awesome videos. i know some guys like neaksy stinger feltzer hqhd and the almighty BJ hell yeah huge fan! i used to be part of your raccoon squad kinda on 2015 but i got banned for inactivity maybe ahah i only played gta 5 on ps3 so yeah ahah i am portuguese of course and ah well i recently got fired on my first job cuz i "dont have motivation" so yeah i earned a lot of money in 3 weeks of work and ah well i just have a lot of free time and i hope i get to know all of you and be friends Smile 
Good, Welcome to NGG!

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