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Event Finished: PC Event | Golf with your friends and CAH| Fri. 06.01.18
Game: Golf With your Friends and Cards Against Humanity
Platform: PC
Date: Friday 1st June 2018
Time: 18:30 UK Time
Time Conversion Link: Click Here
Schedule: Fun games of CAH and Golf. We will play Golf, then it will be Cards Against Humanity

1) Listen to the host, Admins and Moderators.
2) Don't be loud and inconsiderate on teamspeak, you will be removed from the game and teamspeak
3) Please join the TeamSpeak server, you will be required to listen to others.
4) It is preferred that you do speak for this event, but it is not essential.
5) Lets have some fun!

If you have a card pack that you want to include please say it in your post.
When we play CAH, I will give you a link to the game where you enter your TeamSpeak name so you can join.
Please take a moment to read these rules

Please post your steam name and teamspeak name(if different) below to sign up:
01: Leopard.Gaming
02: Randoom
03: FarinStoneHammer
04: Valy
05: Thunder0010
05: CookedPorkchop13
06: H2O
08: REB-Freek
09: Stinger
10: Lionek
12: Fleecabants
13: Flarpfunf
14: Kelantris
15: SilverHusky
16: Cherry
  [Image: 14c1bb31762465abd97c35fe2141b067.png] <--- Click here--->[Image: d7e9fca5e25f089a96766f35742a3591.jpg]
In for CAH.
maybe cah (i am muted)
THE DWARVEN RAGING RACOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think yes

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yeah will try and show up pending how long works runs on for and if we dont have a thunder storm here so put me as in.
im innnn
[Image: lFoyq9D.png]
H2O is in
Sorry liberal, Time to die.
illl be there
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count me in for CAH Smile
maybe the golf

I'll join both, 

Kelantris, XPermafrost, XXgoogolplexXX, or whatever other name I have in store.
Put me in for CAH
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I'm in for both fam.

- Steam: Zraxea (Cherry)

Oii I just aaw sign ups closed, crap. Just woke up ?
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