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Minecraft Server
Minecraft Server

A while back there used to be a Minecraft Server for people in NextGenGTA to join. 
I have taken the liberty to decide to officially host a brand new server for everyone to play on.

  • Do not kill people without their permission
  • Keep griefing to a minimum, if you damage someone's property, you are responsible to repair it to exactly how it was.
  • No Cheating in any way possible.
  • Trolling is allowed unless the receiver does not want to be trolled or you cause damage to them or their creations.
  • You must agree to all of the rules as soon as you join- you may dispute them- otherwise, you will not be allowed to continue
If you break any rules which are stated here and in the server then you will be punished accordingly by means of losing access to the server temporarily or permanently.

Due to this being a public forum that everyone can see I will not post the IP address here.

Some conditions:
  • Admins, Mods and Event Hosts will automatically be allowed to join
  • Regulars will always get accepted unless you have been known to be a pain in previous events
  • New members, for the most part, will be allowed to join although it is preferred that we have a conversation first so that I know you are not a hacker
  • This server is entirely hosted by me with no affiliation with anyone else.
  • The server will be run 24/7 unless a scheduled restart or the pc crashes.
  • I do not have the money for server grade hardware so don't expect top-notch quality (True Minecrafters will get this)
  • I reserve the right to make any changes and or stop the server without any prior notice
  • If you have any questions please either say in your post or message me.
This Minecraft server will be whitelisted, therefore, in order to be allowed to join please reply to this thread with your Minecraft Username so that I can whitelist you and give you the IP address to join.
  [Image: 14c1bb31762465abd97c35fe2141b067.png] <--- Click here--->[Image: d7e9fca5e25f089a96766f35742a3591.jpg]
MC: MauriceGS

Maybe I will join someday
Username - Apparently

let me in porfa please
[Image: 76561198238232224.png]

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