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Event Finished: PC (Racing) Event | GTA Online | 06/24/18
Grand Theft Auto V 
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Platform: PC
Date: Sunday, 06/24/18
Time: 18:00 UK
Time Conversion Link: Click Here
Schedule: Classic racing event. Car meet before the event starts; theme is shit cars (by your own definition).

What You Should Know:
1). This event is for racing. If you know you can't race well then don't sign up.
2). At the beginning of every race there will be a "slow lap" to get the basic idea of the track. NOTE: A slow lap does not necessarily have to be slow.
3). All races will use these settings: Time Of Day: Noon, Weather: Clear, Custom Vehicles: On, Catchup: Disabled, Slipstream: Disabled
4). Car classes that will be used: All
6). Starting positions will be based off of the last played race. With last place starting in first on the next race and first place starting in last.

Clean Racing Rules:
1). Do not ram people on purpose.
2). If you spin someone out or pass them in a dirty way, let that person pass you (even if you have lag).
3). If someone is lapping you then let them pass. You're no competition to them.
4). Make sure the road is clear if you need to get back on it.
5). Don't yell.
For more info on clean racing, watch this video.

Event Rules:
1). Don't be a dumbass.
You are expected to read and follow these rules and gamemode specific rules.

Sign up with your Social Club username and any races that you may want to play during the event.
1. Randoom.
2. Stinger.
3. Leopard.Gaming
4. Parkchap
6. Valy.Nely
7. strater1
8. Cute_Trap
9. MustacheLP
10. Qusaqa
11. geeert_meriva
12. FarinStonehammer
13. ColeDLX
14. Neaksy 
15. SilvestrasG
16. gtamushuns
17. T-UnknownGamer03

[Image: lkKWfan.jpg]

btw, there will be another more serious racing event next friday, this one is just for fun
probably won't have time, so nevermind
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Mobo: MSI Gaming 5 Z97

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i'm in for the carshow, doubt ill join the racing bit
[Image: lFoyq9D.png]
I will be there!

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Grand Theft Auto Online 
Add me MustacheLT
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Yeah! A clean racing.

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   WHO DID DIS ???
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i am in 
Can't make it this time. Visiting family this Sunday.
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If things go wrong, always blame Neaksy!

THE DWARVEN RAGING RACOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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In - ColeDLX
Neaksy maybe
Grand Theft Auto V 
yas....prafesional gtefive plier


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(06-22-2018, 08:42 AM)Valy Wrote: Hopefully

SHOWW OFFF mothefucker

[Image: tNV3Cfb.png]
in for about an hour. Will come a few minutes late


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