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Event Finished: PC Event | GTA Online | Sat. 07/21/18
probably? more than likely ill be there

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Maybe, Dreper400
i guess

rsc: Solmex
THE DWARVEN RAGING RACOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am in, and hopefully wont get banned again B)
Grand Theft Auto Online 
Grand Theft Auto Online 
Yes if i dont fall asleep :3
Since the After Hours DLC doesn't come out until the 24th, do you have any backup stuff we can do BJ?
Yeah sure

Maybe DjChatters
The self professed sexiest noise ever to orbit the earth.
Add me MustacheLT
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(07-17-2018, 09:02 AM)UMADBRO_OKAY Wrote: I can't make it this weekend because i will be out for vacation very soon because the events are inactive not because of you because we are glad that you are on traveling and fucking some bitches there because you are the best GTA leader in the world because you are good guy and the best fucking comedian, see you guys in heaven ok thx bye...

Well i'm stay here for a few days due to visa passport Undecided

I might in if i wake up...

Dragonball2211 and InvasiveSkinGulp is the same guy. Dragonball2211 is my old SC name, InvasiveSkinGulp my new one....
il def. join! mohabro_1
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   WHO DID DIS ???
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your message has to be at least 5 characters lol
jar jar im in

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