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bmx demoderbie?
Grand Theft Auto Online 
i was dicking around in freemode with some crewmates on bmx bikes on the halfpipe skate park and thought there was a foundation for an event. we kept knocking eachother off our bikes when we hit in the air, so maybe bmx demo-derbie. I've never messed with the map maker so i dont know if you can spawn bmx's (but why wouldnt you right?) but I wanted to throw the idea out there so that i might turn into an event, or someone who's actually used the map maker can try to make something out of it.

ALSO i forgot this earlier but a taxi cab race would make a pretty good event right? I'd recommend staying away from mount chiliad though, would probably fall off and get stuck very quickly
We could try that BMX demo-derby one time in an event, might do it this sat.

We've already done a taxi cab race before, that was hilarious!
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