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GTA Snapmatic Photos
Hosted by gtamissions from Saturday July/07/17 (30 MOC VS TRAIN)! 

[Image: Vmu6OeK.jpg]

[Image: IeSG3b3.jpg]

[Image: moNt3eP.jpg]

[Image: Jvtkbv7.jpg]

[Image: az5yMhN.jpg]

[Image: nJljxjK.jpg]

[Image: zRDhcqh.jpg]

[Image: SGoSE7t.jpg]

[Image: katUKjo.jpg]

[Image: E09k0Di.jpg]
[Image: PqmjO2Y.jpg]

[Image: 1U4Qst9.jpg]

[Image: WBFQgve.jpg]
[Image: iVocW7Y.jpg]

[Image: NiaBIpu.jpg]

[Image: 3W6OBMP.jpg]

[Image: N1g0rIM.jpg]

[Image: ljrqBGr.jpg]

[Image: WX0rI0X.jpg]

[Image: XJnVjvS.jpg]

[Image: mdP4flS.jpg]

[Image: pPQEPgh.jpg]

[Image: EUS7fPG.jpg]
[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
  [Image: 14c1bb31762465abd97c35fe2141b067.png] <--- Click here--->[Image: d7e9fca5e25f089a96766f35742a3591.jpg]
Ok well i bought a new car yesterday morning since came out so i would say the XA21 is faster than any cars i tested it because i raced with my friends i can't believe that i won like 2-3 times! i think that's very good for tube and wallride no problem for me i love the handling it's really nice i think there's another new car is coming this Tuesday it's last car but im not sure! 

[Image: Csmai3s.jpg]

[Image: vvBLoEo.jpg]

[Image: 0leyKRQ.jpg]

[Image: M2B5qhQ.jpg]

[Image: Z9PLRlR.jpg]

[Image: vaB4qNl.jpg]

[Image: smfuoqs.jpg]

[Image: wzd2rN6.jpg]

[Image: gqbuitp.jpg]

[Image: GxFnX9Q.jpg]
The Vigilante...... covered in my signature colour

[Image: bff4275001e029a198a9b0b7b7caa9ee.jpg]

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Oh damn it! i forgot this thread lol 
Hosted by gtamissions a few weeks ago

[Image: YYOxMPx.jpg]

[Image: sigtikh.jpg]

[Image: wK69wi4.jpg]

[Image: m3iO3Kw.jpg]

[Image: 6JHTX91.jpg]

[Image: a0mXhwf.jpg]

[Image: F4KXqgu.jpg]

[Image: F1uxxdv.jpg]

[Image: o3NthHJ.jpg]

[Image: KHOR2Pz.jpg]

[Image: 3qfeHYy.jpg]

[Image: 3DQHgYM.jpg]

[Image: cepylnU.jpg]

[Image: gJrGl3D.jpg]

[Image: hZi6JUB.jpg]

[Image: Ly4qQnf.jpg]

[Image: l7Env55.jpg]

[Image: 0AtXmB9.jpg]

[Image: qz2DKS2.jpg]

[Image: Vwdl4Gb.jpg]

Off Roading Mountain (Short) from yesterday night hosted by BJ

[Image: yCs6ZLj.jpg]

[Image: crK96FD.jpg]

[Image: 6qS35FG.jpg]

[Image: rRJzznw.jpg]

[Image: iMufBvX.jpg]

[Image: ylFvieh.jpg]

[Image: 7wnS0Iq.jpg]

[Image: 1pY2tru.jpg]

[Image: zhgjx1R.jpg]

[Image: dEzNQJR.jpg]

[Image: gsxKxVA.jpg]

[Image: GHNpYTa.jpg]

[Image: zjF6sFs.jpg]

[Image: MyCCMJY.jpg]

[Image: wuCKb9n.jpg]

[Image: qcJ1DYq.jpg]

[Image: zSW8zsw.jpg]

[Image: ehziU4O.jpg]

[Image: TcdZ9GT.jpg]
This was hosted by stinger. from last weekend..

[Image: 5IbKlic.jpg]

[Image: Qmr3bTk.jpg]

[Image: l2AuvOs.jpg]

[Image: g93WGsq.jpg]

[Image: Y9JJlDu.jpg]

[Image: 9efyBPi.jpg]

[Image: pprbg7k.jpg]

[Image: V9JXxbJ.jpg]

[Image: gDWz7tp.jpg]

[Image: F0ayQzm.jpg]

[Image: NIzEjNk.jpg]

[Image: Fu80M3I.jpg]

[Image: JNi5QB6.jpg]

[Image: c7FObOb.jpg]

[Image: eeMKUXr.jpg]

[Image: 5J9SbB1.jpg]

[Image: Dq4oyBr.jpg]

[Image: WmXOeL9.jpg]

[Image: AHmIZjw.jpg]

[Image: NPGggaf.jpg]

[Image: uUePanl.jpg]

[Image: PnGAPiS.jpg]

[Image: HB8outw.jpg]

[Image: l8Iz9pS.jpg]

[Image: SJTHYcN.jpg]

[Image: aKf0D1H.jpg]

[Image: ERt2z8X.jpg]

[Image: OjVHS8e.jpg]

[Image: RPwJoky.jpg]
Nice 666th post umad, heh.
The lil Mini Cooper is an awesome car for GTA

[Image: 0WafEOw.jpg]

[Image: P1T19eo.jpg]
It was hosted by randoom from last Sunday (Racing Event)

Car Show:
[Image: zhvrXeo.jpg]

[Image: H3GkJCH.jpg]

[Image: FoAI8PL.jpg]

[Image: KM3ho2H.jpg]

[Image: vKMiDGU.jpg]

[Image: 6LI7ukj.jpg]

[Image: yN5u2bv.jpg]

[Image: ZzEasVz.jpg]

[Image: WFLvGdh.jpg]

[Image: Z495vIm.jpg]

[Image: xyY5vWH.jpg]

[Image: uqAtuWo.jpg]

[Image: yOG8MkB.jpg]

[Image: kplaZWX.jpg]

[Image: DTWEk5D.jpg]

[Image: 40uAKuL.jpg]

[Image: cFTpyum.jpg]

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