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Denied: ''Added''
Lionek's event thread have this ''Added'' thing next to every single person who has been well , Added to the list.
 [Image: aSKVZHW.png]
I would like to see more of this in event threads as its easier to see if your added or not. (Maybe even have a different color from anyone else as it will be so easy to spot your own name and know that you have been added).
Yes , I know it will be hard work to do it every time but it will help us , The NGG community.

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I am not going to do this. If you sign up I'll send you a friend request and add you to the list. So I would basically copy that [added] for every name, making it kind of redundant. 
If hosts choose to do this, then fine by me. I don't see why it's such a nice thing to have.
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Agreeing with Stinger, not a useful thing to have. Hosts are already bound to add people into their friends list before the event, and if they choose to do so at the last minute, members can easily check the friend request anyway. Members can also add the host themselves which makes it quicker for both ends. Whether hosts add people at the last second or days before, in the end you will receive the invites just like everyone else so long you accept the requests.

I'll leave the thread open in case another staff member wants to have a say in this, something we're missing etc.
Hosts add everybody who signed up before the event, so I'm not sure why this would be needed.
Players should just check their pending friend requests tab after they launch their game. It's that simple.
Ok. Yeah i can see your point , The thread can be locked now

I Know Karate , Kung fu , Tae kwon do , And 28 Other Dangerous Words! 

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